lives improved


years of improving the outcome


No words can express the love and gratitude I feel towards you all for saving Sassy's life. Thank you for all your patience, your hard work, your dedication, your belief in getting her to walk again and most importantly for all the love shown towards Sassy and the family during her rehab. I will never forget how much you cared. Thank you! ANGELS DO EXIST!

- Alicia Maasberg 


Nelson has astonished us all with the progress he has made with the help and support of the team at Dawn Jones Animal Physical Rehab. We are very grateful to have been able to improve his quality of life to such an amazing degree. Thanks from us!

- Kieron Piper


A happy furkid whose muscles are supporting her hips says it all. Crunchie loves her trip to visit her human friends at rehab & loves her walk to nowhere on the treadmill. I highly recommend Animal Physical Rehab.

- Annette Gray


Kanga and I have always been welcomed with smiles and treated with love. His amazing recovery is testimony to the care and professionalism we found at the Animal Physical Rehab.

- Antoinette Pugh


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