Animal Physical Rehab began in 2004, initially as a one-person mobile practice, founded by Dawn Jones. At that time, it was known as Animal Physical Therapy. It is now a successful, busy practice based at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in Newlands with a team of 7 people. Animal Physical Rehab has been integrated into a first opinion, mixed practice veterinary hospital to enable a large variety of animals to have access to the benefits of veterinary physiotherapy, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and the support of veterinary care when needed. Animal Physical Rehab has grown into a centre of excellence, offering the full scope of rehabilitation techniques. Dogs are our most common species to be treated, but we also treat horses, cats, pigs, birds, rabbits and the occasional cow or meerkat.

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Animal Physical Rehab is a veterinary physiotherapy practice that  offers veterinary physiotherapy functional assessments, soft tissue and joint assessments, soft tissue and joint treatments, electrotherapy modalities, LASER (photobiomodulation), active rehab as well as underwater treadmill therapy, post-surgical cases, surgical & non-surgical neurological cases, osteoarthritis and any cases involving movement dysfunction are welcomed. Home exercise programmes are provided by our therapists where necessary. APR also treats several service dogs, competition dogs & horses.