Dawn has worked in the field of animal physical rehabilitation since 1989, first with horses & later with dogs & cats and other species. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1996 at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK. She is a certified Equinology® Equine Body Worker and Caninology® Canine Body Worker. She has apprenticed with Veterinary Physiotherapists in South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has treated patients and taught in Hong Kong, Dubai, United Kingdom, Zambia and South Africa. Dawn has a keen passion for teaching and integrates teaching into her day to day practice, for both the APR Team and for the clients. Her professional experience means she is well positioned not only to educate future rehab professionals, but also provide information to learners from a variety of backgrounds. The hope is to instil a generational change in mind-set towards a love & care for companion, wild and working animals.

Dawn’s Story

I have had complete clarity about wanting to work in the field of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation since I was 19 years old and have relished the journey of gathering knowledge and experience. I am fortunate to spend my working days with honest animals and interesting humans. I get to meet people from all walks of life. My work has given me the opportunity to travel around the world. It has opened the door to teaching, which I love. Every day is different and requires adaptability and creativity. My job is physically and mentally stimulating and problem solving and detective work is required for each patient. I never stop learning. Animals have always been a constant in my life. They bring a smile to my face and every animal has a story to tell.  I have met some lovely people and developed friendships through working with animals. I work with a wonderful team of people and together we make a difference in the world.   I have walked the path of recovery of many animals alongside their owners and have the opportunity to be kind and compassionate every day. It is an honour and a privilege to do the work I do.  It is not just a job.

I could not imagine home without a few animals to share it with.

- Dawn Jones

All the horses, dogs, cats and other 3 and four legged furries that have crossed my path have taught me something. They have always been a big feature of my life. I don’t need to own them, I just like to be with them, be it 5 minutes or their lifetime.  I share my home with my human family as well as 2 whippets, Mickey and Tempo, a golden retriever, Fudge and Nala our cat who is half siamese.  Their unconditional love and trust is a wonderful aspect of their nature. I love to take them walking and running on the greenbelt and mountain. I love movement and harmony and there is so much pleasure in watching a healthy animal move comfortably over ground. Whippets at full speed are particularly beautiful (slight bias perhaps!). Fudge is a golden oldie and her nickname is Nana”. She always lies with me when I am ill.  Mickey is a cheerful soul and a complete optimist. He can cheer anyone up!  Tempo is a bit serious and VERY sensitive, but so loving. Nala is needy and noisy and loves a long cuddle. My chestnut Arab gelding , Gymme, is no longer with me, but is ingrained deep in my heart.  He was so good for my soul. I sit with my animals when I am sad and they always make it better. I could not imagine home without a few animals to share it with.

It is not just a job.

- Dawn Jones