After working in eco-tourism and conservation, Hayley became more interested in helping animals in a medical context.  She has a lot of knowledge and experience with animal rehabilitation in general. Hayley joined APR in January 2017 and handles APR’s administration and bookings and co-ordinates APR’s fundraising initiatives. She is responsible for overseeing our day in-patients, as well as her administrative tasks and assists the therapists whenever necessary. She has begun her Canine Body Worker training and assists with administration of laser therapy. Hayley is the person that keeps the wheels rolling, manages internal and external communication and so much more. She is extremely organised and forward thinking and we could not achieve what we do without her.

Hayley’s Story

Having studied Zoology at University and through working in conservation & Eco-Tourism for almost 10 years, I had never heard of ‘physical rehabilitation’ for animals. I had always thought of ‘animal rehab’ as the practice of getting wild animals fit for release again. I never knew it was possible to provide massage, manual therapy and certainly not underwater treadmill therapy to dogs and cats. It was a completely new concept to me, but since meeting Dawn and being accepted to work at Animal Physical Rehab, I haven’t looked back.

At APR, we are all lucky enough to be in a team and work environment where forgetting the reason why we followed this path is simply not an option.

- Hayley Katz

I LOVE my job, because, every day, I genuinely feel that in some small way, I am able to help the animals I meet. This might sound odd, because until I complete some more training, my role is largely concerned with admin and operations. However the team around me never makes me feel as though I work ‘for’ them. Instead, we all work ‘with’ and support each other. Through assisting the therapists, they in-turn provide complete love and care for their patients. I am also asked my opinion on rehab cases, I have plenty of opportunity to grow my skills and I feel completely valued and respected. BUT, the thing I love MOST about my job is that I am in an environment where there is never even the tiniest possibility that I will forget my passion for helping animals. I think it is easy to forget something like this due to financial and life-stress, as well as the stress that comes with working in a medical profession. But, at APR, we are all lucky enough to be in a team and work environment where forgetting the reason why we followed this path is simply not an option. We often joke that rainbows and unicorns exist in rehab because we have so much fun, but we also work bloody hard and strive for excellence in treating every animal that begins and fulfills their recovery journey with us.

I have also recently adopted a cat named Mr Floof and, I know I am biased, but he is just such an amazing little creature.  He arrived as a tiny stray with his brother at three and a half weeks of age and instantly I fell head over heels. It is no secret that my husband and I do not plan on having ‘human children,’ so this little soul has truly become our baby. He means the world to us and he has given us that little extra bit of ‘happy’ that we didn’t even know was missing. He also has plenty of ‘Aunties’ (and ‘Uncle Isaac’) at APR to give him extra cuddles if needed.