Our underwater treadmill has been a complete game changer in terms of functional outcomes.  The underwater treadmill utilises the properties of water to provide buoyancy and resistance.  The buoyancy of the water reduces loading on the joints and the resistance of the water increases the work required by the muscles, helping to improve muscle strength. Underwater treadmill therapy helps to activate, strengthen and support the musculoskeletal system as well as being able to replicate the correct biomechanical land-based movements. We have the capacity to control speed, water height, temperature, treadmill incline up and down hill and can add more resistance with jets. 

The fitter, stronger dogs are able to trot in the underwater treadmill and the therapist is able to go into the underwater treadmill with the animal if they are paralysed or too weak to walk unaided. This modality is fantastic in assisting with orthopaedic conditions, surgery recovery, neurological conditions, arthritis, as well as fitness development & weight loss.