Isaac has been working at APR since February 2014, so he knows the treadmill room better than anyone. He assists the therapists with most underwater treadmill sessions and is responsible for maintaining the treadmill equipment. He is a great dog handler and all the patients look to him in the treadmill for their treats which are used to encourage them to walk well. Isaac was trained by Dr. Megan Kelly and is a huge asset to our practice.

Isaac’s Story

I got into animal rehab by chance. I was working as a gardener for Dr Megan Kelly, who had an underwater treadmill at her rehab practice. She needed an assistant and offered me the job. I gained lots of experience during the two years I spent with her and when she closed her practice, Megan recommended me to Dawn at Animal Physical Rehab when her UWT first started up. I have been with Dawn ever since. With the two years I spent with Dr Megan and my last seven years with Dawn, I actually have the most UWT experience of anybody at APR.

I love my job because I didn’t grow up around animals, especially dogs, which are not common pets in Malawi where I am from. I know the patients well and I really enjoy working with people’s pets.

I don’t have any animals of my own at the moment, but if I could, I would like to have a dog and I would probably choose a Staffie, because they are nice and strong looking. I do have my favourite patients, one very smiley Boxer in particular, but I am very fond of all the dogs and cats that I work with. They are all very special.

Isaac Jay
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