Juanette (more commonly known as Jay) is a certified Caninology® Canine Body Worker and is in the process of completing her Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner course (CCRP) through the University of Tennessee. She moved away from human fitness training & massage to treat animals and has been working with Dawn since 2014. Jay has a specific talent of working with the big bolshy dogs. Jay is very creative with developing assistive devices like splints and wheelchairs and has been a huge asset to our practice with finding cost-effective solutions for our patients.

Jay’s Story

My life and focus has always been around playing squash and achieving the highest level since I was 10 years old. I really thought that was the only thing I was good enough at… then my dog ruptured a cruciate and 5 words changed my life forever… “Go and see Dawn Jones…”

I never knew that rehab for animals existed. Now, almost 6 years later, I cannot believe that this is my  ‘job.’ I get to go to work, have the opportunity to help and make a difference in the patients’ lives and help the owners with their best friends’ journey of recovery. Whether the recovery is long-term or short-term, friendship, trust and respect is built. The unconditional love and joy I get from the dogs is priceless. The work is very physical and emotional with some good and bad days, but nothing beats the smile of the dog(s), cat(s) and owner(s), when you send them on their way and say “Have a good life and hope not to see you again 🙂 :)”…

The unconditional love and joy I get from the dogs is priceless.

- Juanette Le Roux

I am blessed to work with awesome people in the team and I know they have my back on any given day. Dawn…erm I mean ‘Mufasa’ 🙂 is a legend, but what makes her the best mentor is how humble and respectful she is to everyone. It means that I come to work feeling valued and appreciated and that brings out the best in me.

My boy came to us as a rescue. We were not looking for a pet. Bruce is a 7 year old pitty…I think. (he has been 7 for the last two years) 🙂
He has a very special place in my heart, because he came to us in such a broken state and to see the transformation in him the last two years, made it SO worth taking a chance on adopting him. He is an only child and we love going on road trips together. He brightens my day, every day, and comes up with goofy things when things are tough. He is my boef!

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