Kirsty joined the APR team in March 2019 and has become an integral part of the team. After changing careers from teaching to animal physical rehabilitation, she now works daily with animals coming in for underwater treadmill therapy. She is in the process of completing both her Canine Body Worker Course and Greyfriar’s Hydrotherapy training.  As a horse rider, Kirsty has a good eye for movement and pays close attention to the dogs’ movement patterns both in and out of the underwater treadmill.

Kirsty’s Story

In January 2019, I brought my dog Holly for rehab with Dawn & then for underwater treadmill therapy. I had no idea how it would change my life the way it did & land me with the most wonderful job. While Holly was in the UWT, Dawn mentioned that they were looking for a new team member to help with treadmill sessions & without thinking I said how I’d be really interested in chatting about it. After coffee one Saturday morning, I realised that life had just taken a really exciting turn & I have never looked back.

Each day I wake up excited to come to work & make a difference to the lives of so many ”Pawesome dogs.” I get to work with the most wonderful group of people who truly are a family to me. I get to be part of the journey of recovery & strength that gives me the greatest satisfaction I could ever dream of. I really do feel so privileged to be able to meet the owners & their fur-babies & help them to the best of my ability.

This job has taught me so much, not only about rehab but about myself & my strengths (& weaknesses) which I don’t feel I could have learnt doing anything else. It is as therapeutic for the dogs that come through our doors as it is for me each day.

I really do feel so privileged to be able to meet the owners & their fur-babies & help them to the best of my ability.

- Kirsty Green

I am fortunate enough to be mom to two gorgeous Golden Retrievers, Holly who is 6-years old & Drew who is almost 2-years old. Holly loves the APR team as much as I do & has been brought back to life through regular rehabs with Dawn & regular treadmill sessions. She loves walks on the beach & in the forest (to chase squirrels) & is the instigator to Drew’s favourite past time, digging up my garden!!! When not digging or sleeping on the couch, Drew can be found close to my feet always ready for a good cuddle.

I also get to be mom to my own unicorn, otherwise known as Bodenhausen Timbuktu. He is a 6-year old Namibian Warmblood who enjoys walks around Tokai forest & gives me the extreme warm & fuzzies during our flying (aka jumping) lessons twice a week.

My pets mean the world to me & I could never live without them. They have changed the way I live, & have totally changed my priorities in life. I couldn’t imagine a world without them.