Animal Physical Rehab Unit at Blue Cross


Dear Client,

Thank you for bringing your animal to us for physical rehabilitation.  In order to maintain excellent service for you, the client and the best treatment for your animal, we need to have certain policies in place.

All animal treatments done in the Animal Physical Rehab Unit at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital are done in consultation with your treatment veterinarian.  This may be your usual veterinarian, or a specialist veterinarian, or both.  If you were not directly referred by your veterinarian, contact will be made with him or her before your first physical rehabilitation consult.

All animals coming to the Physical Rehabilitation Unit will be assessed before physical rehab treatment plans are implemented.

All physical rehabilitation consults are to be paid for in full on the day of treatment, unless you have purchased an underwater treadmill (UWT) package or a therapeutic laser package, in which case they are paid for in advance. The discount afforded by the UWT and LASER packages requires that the payment be made up front.

Any appointments that are not attended or that are postponed or cancelled with less than 24 hours – notice will be charged for in fullThis means if your appointment is at 8.45 am on Tuesday morning and you don’t cancel before 8.45am on Monday morning, you will be charged in full. This includes Digital and Tele-consults.

Should any animal present with an infectious or contagious condition, they will not be treated and will need clearance from the treatment veterinarian before returning to physical rehab.  Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least 24 hours-notice until the condition is clear. Normal cancellation conditions apply.

Should an animal undergoing physical rehabilitation treatment develop a new illness e.g. biliary, unrelated to the condition that initiated the physical rehabilitation treatment, it is required that clearance for continuing rehab treatment is obtained from the treatment veterinarian before returning to physical rehab.  

Owners are required to notify the unit if, during a course of treatments, the animal’s injury or condition worsens or if the veterinarian advises that the treatment is stopped or suspended.

The Animal Physical Rehab Unit reserves the right to refuse treatment to any animal.

Whilst every care is taken of the animal while undergoing physical rehabilitation, all animals receive treatment at the owner’s risk.

Owners are requested not to feed their animal for least 2 hours before attending an underwater treadmill appointment and preferably not for 2 hours afterward and  to ensure that their animal has done its ablutions before arriving. Should the animal defecate in the underwater treadmill, we reserve the right to apply a penalty charge.

Bitches in season will not be able to use the underwater treadmill until their season is finished i.e. their discharge is completely finished.

We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for dogs that repeatedly arrive dirty.  It affects the water quality and increases the running costs.

Should the owner of the animal experience symptoms of infectious or contagious disease, they are required to inform the staff at the Animal Physical Rehab Unit. With specific reference to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the owner has a social responsibility to inform the rehab staff if at any point the owner believes that he/she is putting or has put the staff of the animal physical rehab unit at risk of contracting the virus.

Last Updated: 12 April 2020